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As much as we’d love for you to just take our word for it – we get it, time is money, and you’re not here to waste either. Here’s what some of our cookie classmates are saying.

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“I was in the free Facebook group for just 2 weeks before I started – dare I say – nearly doubling my sales. It’s almost embarrassing to see where I came from to where I am now – but boy am I thankful.”


Sarah H.

Member since 2021

“From day one of joining this course, I learned something. It’s not often that out of the gate, I can say I got my money’s worth. My cookie business is growing – and so is my bank account.”


Cassandra P.

Member since 2020

“I’ve always struggled with pricing. Am I good enough to charge that much? But you know what? I am – and if someone doesn’t want to pay that, so be it. This group has taught me to value me.”


Shanice W.

Member since 2021

Marketing taught by Real Marketers.

With a decade of experience in digital marketing tactics that actually work, we’re here to help you bootstrap that bakery. <<<

What will you Learn?

If you’re asking this question, you’re in the right place. We focus on rethinking your marketing from the dough up. Go from “what is everyone else doing?” to “this is what’s working.”


Understand Growth

Begin to truly understand your marketing - from Facebook analytics to website analysis - and find out what’s working.


New Ideas

Generate new, fresh ideas to repackage, resell, and up-sell your cookie creations, cocoa bombs, or cake pops.


Profit Drivers

Shake that money maker - learn how to turn your hobby into hundreds with business strategies that line your pocket.


Baker’s Dozen



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Digital Downloads


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Meet your
      Teachers .

No – you’re not seeing double. We’re the Miracle twins – not because we believe we’re miracles (despite what we tell our mom), that’s just our last name.

Heather here! Nice to meet you. I’ve been working in the digital marketing space for over a decade, so you can say I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two. I love all things websites, SEO, and copy.


Heather Miracle, Twin 1

Corrie, at your service. From selling cars to selling home services, and now to selling cookies – they say I can sell snow to Eskimos (wonder if they’re hiring?). I love selling psychology and photography!
(and cats)


Corrie Miracle, Twin 2

After Joining our
Cookie Group, You’ll Learn How to

Sugar Cookie Marketing Made Easy.

Take the guess work out of marketing. It doesn’t have to be that complicated to create a concrete strategy to take your business to the next level. We’re here to help.     <<<

Thank You.

No, seriously – thank you for considering us in your journey to become the best business owner you can be. We know you’re busy. Heck, you’re running a business making something that has an expiration date! Your time is precious, your schedule is booked, and your money is tight. But if you’ve read even this far, you’re one of the few that is looking to put yourself a cut above the rest – to learn how to make your business a profitable, long-term success. Thanks for sticking with us this far. We think you’re cut out for this group. If you’ve read this entire page, we know you’re serious about this, and we wanted to thank you for considering us as a part of your plan.