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Learn how to earn – join and get 80+ marketing courses geared to online sales of baked goods!

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There aren’t many places on the web to get actual positive interaction, let alone positive support for small business bakers. This is that place; actual helpful information. The constructive criticism is heavy on the constructive part and the pages are actually monitored by people who care. 10/10

Jennifer B.

I’d absolutely recommend SCM to anyone interested in upping their marketing game. The skills, tips, and information they have given me have caused me to reach exciting new levels in my business. No other bakery page that I have found has been able to help me accomplish this much at this level.

Courtney C.
Little Crown Bakery

Free Facebook Live ClassesOver 100+ (ang growin') Absolutely FREE Facebook Live Classes!

Sugar Cookie Marketing Group features over 100+ FREE Facebook Live classes for group members and the list is ever-growing! These Lives range from 30 minutes upwards to an hour and a half but all of them are meant to help you take your bakery business to the next level.

From Lives about photography and staging to porch pop-ups and recipe costing – there is something out there for everyone! But don’t worry, if you are just starting out we have Lives on branding and logos. Classes on how to optimize your Facebook Page and what to write for captions. A little further on your business? Jump into Lightroom edits or take the recipe costing for a spin!

What You'll Learn with Free Live Classes Tell Me More about these Free Lives

Who teaches these Lives? Great question and it’s bakers like me and you who take time out of their schedules to answer all those burning questions just for you! These folks who volunteer their time have “been there” and “done that” and are so graciously willing to tell you what worked for them so you can make it work for you.

Best part? They are all absolutely free and will always be! Are you thinking about offering cookie classes for December? Perfect, tune into the Live where we break it down from start to finish. Want to learn how to do icing transfers? We got one on that too!

Lives You Can Watch Right Now! And many, many more you'll find in the Facebook Group

Want to Teach a Facebook Live?

What Would Be Awesome...

  • Teaching a class on a topic you know a little bit about – can be anything as long as it relates to marketing and baking.
  • A tour of your baking space – people LOVE tours, and if you’d like to show yours off, awesome!
  • A breakdown (bakedown?) of your recent event – farmer’s market, pop-up, class – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
  • A tutorial on how to bake something – we call these “bake alongs” and they’re a fan favorite!
  • A tutorial on some marketing or software thing you love – Canva, Lightroom, etc! 

What You'll Need to Do It...

  • You’ll need a Facebook profile – these Lives are all hosted on Facebook.
  • You’ll need a computer or a phone (either work). But note – Facebook screen share doesn’t allow you to switch back to your camera! 
  • You’ll need a time and date you can guarantee to be there. A lot of people are interested in your topic – so make sure you show up on time! 
  • You might want a script if you’re camera shy. Not required, but some people make PPTs or handouts for their event – you can post these in your event’s discussion area.

Want to learn how to do icing transfers? We got one on that too! These Lives are designed to grow your business whether it be by fixing your business mindset or learning something new to add to your menu.

So where can you find these Lives? First, you’ll want to be a member of the Sugar Cookie Marketing Group so you can access them. Next, click “Events” at the top of the Group and it’ll show you upcoming events if you scroll down, you’ll then be able to see past events.

Or, from this Facebook Lives list, you will be able to find every single Live that’s been done since Sugar Cookie Marketing started. Want to learn how to film a cookie decorating video? You’re in luck because that was the very first Live ever taught in the group (so make sure you scroll waaaay back to find it). To find the Live, click over to the discussion portion of that Live and you’ll find it pinned at the top ready to view.

Pro tip: Make sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes! You can watch the replay and ask questions there too! These Lives are an amazing part that makes Sugar Cookie Marketing Group one of the most valuable places on the internet. Want to stay up-to-date on upcoming Lives? Tune in to the weekly podcast called Baking it Down with Sugar Cookie Marketing each week! We cover upcoming Lives and past Lives so you can plan your week around it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Confusingly, anything we post is in Eastern Standard Time (EST). However, Facebook may reflect your time zone in the Facebook Event details. So – summary – if it’s in the copy, it’s EST. If it’s from Facebook, it’s your time zone. Check out this Time Zone Map to determine what time it will be in your neck of the woods.

Why does this sound so funny?! Ha – they’re free! The Lives in the Sugar Cookie Marketing (Group) are always free. To attend, you’ll just need to show up! But as such – remember, we don’t own these Lives, and we can’t promise they’ll be up forever. So make sure you set aside some time to binge them. Lives typically last up to an hour – give or take. 

If a Live was listed, and then can’t be found, the host probably deleted their Live. This can happen intentionally (the host pressed the delete button) or unintentionally (their account was hacked). We don’t own these Facebook Lives, so there’s no guarantee on just how long we’ll have access to this free content – so try to watch the Lives as soon as you can! There’s a small chance the host may have blocked your account in which you’ll also not be able to watch their Live presentation.

We try to gray out the Lives with deleted videos, but if we missed one, feel free to shoot us an email at with a message on which Live is no longer accessible.

Can’t find a Live after the start time? There may be a few reasons! 

Lives are always hosted in the main SCM group – not in the event. If the Live’s start time has passed, try searching for the host’s name in the Sugar Cookie Marketing (Group)

The host may also be having technical issues. Going Live on Facebook requires a constant connection, and when that signal is weak, Facebook may not allow the presenter to go live. If this happens, we usually try to reschedule with the host, so check the pinned post in the Event.

Sometimes our hosts just ghost! Due to life circumstances or something else, occasionally a present just won’t show. While this is never our favorite, we are understanding that these people are giving their time for free and sometimes that time may not always present itself on the day of their Live. Check the pinned posts for further updates.

Lastly – sometimes Heather forgets to pin the Lives in the group and the event. Curse her name, but in the meantime, search for the presenter’s name in the group – you should be able to find their Live (even without Heather’s help).

Typically, yes! We don’t own these Live videos, so if the host is willing to allow the Live to stay in the group – you’ll be able to catch the replay – but hurry, if the presenter decides to delete their Live later, you won’t be able to rewatch it – we don’t have a copy of these Lives and we don’t own them.

9 times out of 10, the presenter leaves the Live available for you all to watch later at your leisure. 

Anyone can teach a free Facebook Live! Just submit your topic, and as long as it passes all the checks (has to do with marketing / baking), we’ll get it on the Live calendar! Think you can’t teach a Live because it’s already been taught?! Think again! People love to learn from new and unique perspectives provided by different instructors! 

You don’t have to be an knowledge expert to teach a Live. You just need to know a little bit more than the next guy or gal dyin’ to learn more about your topic! We highly encourage people to teach Lives – it’s great practice and a lot of fun! 

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