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There aren’t many places on the web to get actual positive interaction, let alone positive support for small business bakers. This is that place; actual helpful information. The constructive criticism is heavy on the constructive part and the pages are actually monitored by people who care. 10/10

Jennifer B.

I’d absolutely recommend SCM to anyone interested in upping their marketing game. The skills, tips, and information they have given me have caused me to reach exciting new levels in my business. No other bakery page that I have found has been able to help me accomplish this much at this level.

Courtney C.
Little Crown Bakery

The Sugar Cookie Marketing GroupMarketing, Sales, Photography, Communications - Oh My

The Sugar Cookie Marketing Group is a group of over 40k bakers that come together each day to grow their businesses and help others do the same. From daily topics on customer relations, ideas, brainstorming, and troubleshooting- this is a bakery business’ paradise! Just starting out and don’t know if you want to pursue a business? Jump into the group and see what others are doing and see if the next steps are right for you! A seasoned baker? This is a great place to gain knowledge and create relationships with like-minded individuals like yourself. Sugar Cookie Marketing Group is a place where all bakers are welcomed no matter what stage you are at in your bakery business. We are founded on the mentality that high tides raise all ships and that when one of us wins- we all win!

What the Baking Group's About The Who, What, Where, When, Why of the Baking Group

What makes Sugar Cookie Marketing different than most groups is the members. We promote an all-is-welcome mindset and encourage folks to take a positive approach to posts so that we help everyone no matter what stage they are at in their business. From beginners to the most seasoned, there is a spot for you at our kitchen table!

What we don’t tolerate is negativity, rudeness, or an “I’m-better-than-you” approach. If you are looking for a welcoming spot full of awesome bakers and want to grow your business, we would love to have you in the group!

Thing You'll Find in this Group Money Money Money...Mooonnaaay!

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The Marekting Group is Perfect For...

  • You are new to sugar cookies and want to learn how to sell them.
  • You have a question about configuring your Instagram for business.
  • You’re going to a farmer’s market and would like feedback on what to set out.
  • You’re interested in teaching cookie classes.
  • You got a new high-end camera and want to ask about feedback on your flat lay.
  • You had a great week in sales and wanna brag about it on the #WednesdayWins thread.

This Probably Isn't the Right Group If...

  • You need help tweaking a recipe that spreads too much.
  • You’re trying to get inspiration for a complex order you’ve just taken.
  • You need to vent about an annoying client experience.
  • You curse like a sailor, and ain’t no one gonna stop you, darn it!
  • You’re looking for baking supplies like projectors or stencil recommendations. 
  • You think Corrie is the favorite twin. You’re incorrect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Make sure you have a personal Facebook profile. The group is on Facebook so to get into it, you will need to have a profile so you can request to join. We currently do not have the ability for bakery Pages to join, so use your personal profile in this case.

Step 2: Search “Sugar Cookie Marketing (Group)” on Facebook. We should appear at or near the top of the search results and you can recognize us with our bright pink logo. Once you located the group, click the request-to-join button on your screen.

Step 3: Answer the entry questions. We definitely try to take the quality over quantity approach and only accept members who take the time to answer the group entry questions. There are just a few that you need to type (don’t worry, you can make the answer short) and then click the square so you can agree to the group rules.

Step 4: Wait for the notification that you’ve been accepted into the group. We get hundreds of requests each day and do our best to stay on top of them while also reading through each person’s answers. If you answered the questions, make sure to give us a week so we can let you in. If you have been waiting longer, send us an email at, and we can help you look into it!

Step 5: Read the pinned announcements when you get into the group. The announcements can be found at the top of the SCM group and includes things you should know like our weekly baking Podcast and group discount codes for baking vendors. It’ll also refresh you on the rules and let you know of upcoming events.

Posts that don’t fall within the categories of marketing question, pricing issues, event marketing, and similar type content typically get deleted from this group. Most often, it is due to a baking question being asked in the marketing group. We ask that marketing, sales, and business-related question go to the Sugar Cookie Marketing (Group), and baking-related questions go to the Baking With (Sugar Cookie Marketing) group. 

Other reasons posts end up in the trash bin are most likely violating a group rule such as no cursing. On occasion, a post may be deleted because the comment section has taken a wrong turn. To keep the group running smoothly, we delete threads that have the potential to “go to heck in a handbasket.” 

If you’re still able to access the group after your post was deleted, you’re good to go! You’re not on a naughty list, and we appreciate your patience with us creating a healthy space for bakers to learn to, well, bake.

If you can no longer search for / find the Marketing Group, odds are you were removed for a rule violation. We take the rules pretty seriously in the “Sugar Cookie Marketing” groups. Violating a rule in one group will get you removed from all the SCM Groups (Baking, Sugar Cookie Marketing, Bookies, and The College). If you feel like this call was made in error, or that you made a mistake and would like to rejoin, feel free to message the Sugar Cookie Marketing Facebook Page. While we can’t guarantee a decision reversal, we’re all ears to hear if we made a misjudgment.

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