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08/09 – 🧠 TOMA

🍅 Thought I typoed “tomato” didn’t ya? I wouldn’t put it past me at this point. But alas – no. It’s an acronym this time.
“What other weird acronym are the twins talkin’ about today?!” Yeah – agreed, but this marketing jargon may make you sales without selling! 
⬆️🧠 T-O-M-A: Top of Mind Awareness. 
Think of “TOMA” marketing as a way to stay in front of a client without directly saying “hey – yo, yeah you – don’t forget to buy from me.” If a client only needs to place an order with you once a year when it’s Mother’s Day or when their kid as a birthday, pummeling them will sales post does not for the ideal experience make. 
🤔 “But how can I sell to people if they’re annoyed by my selling to people?” 
Great question, Mr. Miagi. Let’s brainstorm some of the best ways to sell without selling using the T-O-M-A method. 
  • CRM Programs – man, hittin’ ya with the double acronyms this week. CRM programs are “customer relationship management” applications that handle a lot of “TOMA” for you. Use these programs to remind you to email folks on their birthday, touch base with clients who order on specific holidays, or follow up with clients who place orders 4 months in advanced. CRMs, if utilized correctly, can single-handedly fill your pipeline by harnessing the power of T-O-M-A.
  • Newsletter / Email List – harness the power of newsletters by staying top of mind (using some of the tips below). Email is awesome at keeping clients in the roster if you do it right. Finding a newsletter platform is key here. Mailchimp, Flodesk, Sendgrid, ConstantContact – all viable options (don’t use your Gmail though – you’ll get burned in deliverability). 
  • Facebook Ads from Email Lists – “YIKES” is what many folks think when we drop the Ads Manager keyword. But the “dollar a day” adspend budget means you stay in front of clients by staying in their newsfeeds. ️ Targeting “people who like your page” can mean you’re keeping an eye on (well, they’re keeping an eye on) your clients all year around for just $30/mo.
  • Charity Donations – “Strategic Giving” is a great way to build good karma while also staying in the minds (and hopefully hearts) of your target audience. Donating cookies for a cause or a class ticket to a raffle can help market you while also giving you some feel-good content for your socials. 
  • Content Cookies – flex without selling (and brush up on new skills) with content cookies! Content cookies are cookies made for content for your socials. Often I see Corrie make just one or two cookies for this. It makes for cute photos, shows off your capabilities, and it’s not selling since you’re likely not even baking these cookies for the marketplace. 
  • Pop-Bys / Main Street Marketing
  • Resource / Informative Touch Point
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