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  • 03/22 – 🍒 Meet the Baker Collab

    Meet the Baker Collab is this Friday, March 24th, 2023 at 11:00 AM est – 12:00 PM est. And we want you to participate! Here’s how to squeeze the most out of the Meet the Baker Cookie Collab.

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  • 03/08 – 👍 Good Enough is Good Enough

    I made peace with myself a long time ago that I would have to learn everything I wanted to be “pretty okay” at, I wasn’t naturally gifted at anything. And I also learned that the likelihood of me being an expert at anything was a pipe dream.

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  • 03/01 – 😳 Whisk-y Business

    Who knew baking could be so… whisky. Okay – it’s a pun on “risky,” and Corrie wanted it to be the topic of today’s podcast. Things you may be takin’ a risk with – that you also may not realize.

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  • 02/22 – 🏫 Cookie Class 101 🍪

    School’s in sesh – and we ain’t gatekeeping anything. Here’s how we run a cookie class (note – we’re lazy – so understand that whatever we tell ya is preceded by the question “how can we accomplish the most with the least amount of effort and still create a fantastic time for our audience?”)

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  • 02/15 – 🧇 Leggo my Ego

    Attention is my favorite dessert. It’s smooth, it’s silky, and it’s immediate satisfaction. It’s like eating your favorite Talenti (Madagascar Mint btw) and then realizing you had a whole ‘nother Talenti in the freezer that you forgot about.

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  • 02/08 – 🥤 Refund Chaos

    Twin2 (Corrie) is weirdly obsessed with TikTok drama – and not just any TikTok drama – no, specifically Tumbler TikTok drama – you know, the cups? Yeah – that Tumbler. So imagine my surprise when Business Insider posts an article about the very Tumbler drama she’s been popcorning about since last week. 😳

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  • 02/01 – ️😧 8 Social Media Faux Pas

    It’s easy to get bogged down with orders and forget your social media – but not with twin2 lurkin’ behind a phone screen! As she goes to engage weekly with the group hashtag, #sugarcookiemarketing, I asked her to come up with a list of the top 8 offenses she sees bakers makin’ on social media that’s likely robbin’ from their bottom lines.

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  • 📚 Your Word of the Year

    A word to guide your 2023, the Word of the Year is a theme that will help you focus on one major concept next year.

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  • Christmas Gift List for Sugar Cookie Bakers

    Call the twin Mr. and Mrs. Clause cause here’s our hot take on the hottest gifts for the hottest oven-lovin’ baker in your life (and if you are the baker in your life, forward this email to your Santa – I’ll include links to make shoppin’ and shippin’ a breeze).

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