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04/05 – 🍹 A Refreshing Rebrand

When you likely got started in your cookie biz, “this will be something I’m still doin’ in 2 years” wasn’t probably top of mind. If you’re like us, this was a random idea > turned hobby > turned money pit > turned “I need to make money or my SO will have my head” – fast forward to today, it’s a business – but it wasn’t an intentional business. 
So likely – again, if you’re like us – “branding” wasn’t as much the focus as “juggling 17 hats while baking” was. Which lands us two years later with a poorly chosen brand identity and business name. 
So what do? 
*rebranding enters stage right*
Ideally, no business would have to rebrand – but, like in the case of Corrie, there are times when it makes long-term sense for short-term growing pains. Such was Corrie’s plight – and here are 3 tips and 3 rebranding snafus we’ve seen while marketing (and rebranding ourselves). 

❤️ Tip 1 – Check What’s Available 

Rule of thumb – don’t fall in love with someone that’s unavailable. Rule of thumb in branding – don’t fall in love with a name that’s unavailable. So – before you start planning your billion-dollar baking biz, check what’s free – social media handles, domains, etc. Here are two websites I like to use that help with the research:

🚫 Snafu 1 – Overcomplicating It

love the thought and care some y’all put into your brand name – but I don’t always love how that reflects your user’s experience when typing your name, searching for you, etc. Overcomplicated branding will mean uphill marketing for you. Examples of overcomplication can look like:
  • Brand names that include articles like “a” “an” and “the” (I know, I knooow – do as we say, not as we do – *ahem* The Cookie College)
  • Brand names that include misspellings like “Cookiez”
  • Brand names that include punctuation like dashes “Cookie-z Company” 
  • Brand names that are too long “The Best Cookies in America Cookie Company” 

❤️ Tip 2 – Including Brand + Keyword

In “SEO” best practices, including a brand name (who you are) + keyword (what you’re selling) can help you get ahead in search results (Google). This is because you’re not keyword stuffing (Cookies Cookies by Cookie Lady Cary – too many keywords in this one), but you’re also not too vague (Art for your Plate by Cary – no keyword at all in this one). Examples of brand + keyword can be:
  • Mixing Bowl Cookie Company (Mixing Bowl = brand, Cookie = keyword)
  • Heather’s Best Cookies (Heather’s Best = brand, Cookies = keyword)
  • Cool Cow Cookies and Cakes (Cool Cow = brand, Cookies and Cakes = keyword)

🚫 Snafu 2 – Crowded Cookiers

When everyone is “Sarah’s Cookies” – no one is Sarah’s Cookies. Hailing back to name availability, unlike domain names, Facebook allows multiple pages to all sport the exact same name (note: not the same URL though) which makes for tagging troubles. If your client can’t tag the right page recommending you in a Facebook community group – you’re losing sales, I guarantee it. I’d go as far as suggesting a completely new name if the one you have your eye on is already taken by multiple pages on Facebook. 

❤️ Tip 3 – Keep It Simple, Stunner

When it comes to names – the more simple they are, the better (and heck – shorter the better too, when possible). “Beautiful Cookie Co” is easier to remember than “Sandra’s Amazing Cookie Extravaganza!” Our audience has a short attention span – keep your name short and easy to remember. Examples of simple names can look like:
  • Cookies and Cakes by Sandra
  • The Sugar Cookie Company
  • Unicorn Cookie Co. 

🚫 Snafu 3 – Mismatched Branding & Messaging

Want a lux brand? Serif fonts and high kerning (spacing between letters). Want to see approachable? Cursive, bubbly lettering and happy colors. Want to appeal to corporate? Sanserif fonts and bold characters with solid colors. Having your branding and your messaging misaligned creates branding confusion. “Is this person baking wedding cakes for toddlers!?” won’t for the easy sale make. 
In summary – there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to rebranding – but planning for growth, brandability, and memorability will make a rebrand less tumultuous with those ever-coveted long-term payoffs. 

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