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03/08 – 👍 Good Enough is Good Enough

👍 Good Enough is Good Enough

I made peace with myself a long time ago that I would have to learn everything I wanted to be “pretty okay” at, I wasn’t naturally gifted at anything. And I also learned that the likelihood of me being an expert at anything was a pipe dream. 
And that being good enough is often good enough.
And just being good enough? It’s often good enough.
Most of what you want lies at the end of “being good enough” for long enough that people end up giving you their money over and over again, while, each time – you get just a little better than you were the last time. 
Very little of the life we want lies at the “perfect” finish line. Perfectionism is a beautiful, delusional lie – but it’s such a delicious lie, because “being perfect” sounds noble – brave even. *Gasp*  “She… she wants to be… perfect.” But in the same vein, “being perfect” also sounds impossible – and that’s because it likely is. 
Waiting to be perfect is the perfect excuse for not executing right now – right when execution probably matters most. Instead, we kick the proverbial “cookie can” down the road to a future date when we hope everything will be perfect – ready for launch.
But that date never comes. Why? We ain’t perfect. And we shouldn’t pretend that we’re trying to be or that we even need to be perfect to accomplish our goals. 
“So, you twins are sayin’ we should put out a subpar product?!”
No – I’m sayin’ put out a good enough product. Likely that’s all your client wants anyways. It’s you who thinks you need to star in three seasons of the Food Network Holiday Cookie Challenge before you can bake mermaid cookies for a 6-year-old’s birthday party. 
The six-year-old? They just wanted mermaids. Not a famous tv star turned baker.
But boy – does not havin’ to launch ’til it’s perfect sound so darn good. You get to sit in the pipe dream phase – the planning phase – the ideas phase. And that’s fun – because you don’t have any problems if you don’t do anything. But you also don’t have any business if you don’t do anything. 
If Corrie and I had waited to be expert orators before we went to teach our first cookie class – we’d still be starin’ in the mirror learning how to pronounce (and not mumble as my mother likes to remind me). But we decided we were good enough to give it a shot – and that first shot at classes has led to teaching hundreds of people the fun that is sugar cookies.
This week’s podcast is more subjective than objective – but once you realize that no one required perfection from you – heck, they never did – you set yourself free to be the best at bein’ good enough. And good enough is good enough to get you most places. 
Go forth. Be free. Be good enough.

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