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It’s that tiiiime of year – for the Vendy Blendy 2023 vendor signup! Can you believe we are already talkin’ Vendy Blendy?! 

Much like last year, not much has changed! The Vendy Blendy will take place in a private Facebook Group that will exist for only 24 hours starting at 12AM est on November 24th and disappearing Houdini-style at 12PM est on the same day – 24 hours of cookie-themed shopping squished in between! 

We’ll handle promoting YOUR business to our:

  • Group of 42,000+ members
  • Our podcast of 20,000 downloads a month
  • Our newsletter to 5,500 inboxes a week
  • Our social profiles that reach well over 100,000 bakers

Summary: this is a great marketing investment (I know, I’m biased, but we lie not), and I doubt you’ll ever get this much reach for just $150 bucks and a discount code valid for just 24 hours.

For your $150 investment, you’ll get the following:

  • Multi-months promotion to all our platforms.
  • Vendy crowd-sourced major giveaway prizes (the printers)
  • 2 Vendy Blendy group posts (only Vendys can post!)
  • 1 Vendy Live demo up to 10 minutes
  • Bonus – additional post when you offer up a door prize!
20 Vendies Minimum

We need 20 Vendies before this event is a-go, sign up sooner and get MORE out of your promotion! 

20% Off (or More)

Vendies will offer a 20% discount on their whole shop to get people in the spendy mood. The biggest the discount, the higher the hype! 

2 3D Printer Giveaways

Your registration dollars don't line our pockets - they're put towards TWO 3D printers by Bambu (the X1 Carbon aka the big daddy) and will be given away during the VB 2023!

24 Hours

Your coupon code only lasts for 24 hours - so get the people hype by givin' them a deal or a steal!

200,000+ Reach

We market your business to the entire SCM family of platforms - Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter, Pages, TikTok, Groups - you name it, you're on it.

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How We'll Promote Ya

Registration Closes at 35 Vendies so Don't Wait!

Our Audience Metrics

Here’s the bake-down (pun intended) on our audience metrics per the main Sugar Cookie Marketing group (likely all of our other platforms follow this break-down (bake-down?) too).

Drawing from the trends of the last 2 Vendy Blendy’s, we can assume the private Vendy Blendy Facebook Group will likely attract around 5,000 – 6,000 members on Black Friday.




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