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At the end of each year, Heather likes to (annoyingly) force both family members and extended family (and heck – even strangers) what their “Word of the Year” is. The Word of the Year is pretty simple – one word that you plan to interlace into your life for the next 365 days.

📒 What are the rules about the word of the year?

No rules, really. It just has to be a word that you plan to keep top-of-mind throughout 2023. It’s not a “set it and forget it” type deal like most new year’s resolutions, but rather your theme summed up in a single word – one that you will use to guide your direction in the next calendar year.

📕 Can you give me some examples?

Well, lucky you – we put our family in the spotlight on Sunday, and here’s what some of the “Words of the Year” were:

  • Light – my little sister said she’s felt pretty “heavy” this year with major life changes and big decisions. In 2023, she wants to “lighten” up her focus.
  • Less – Grandma said she felt like she had a lot of baggage – and she wanted to spend 2023 dealing with it. She wanted “less” baggage and she would make that her theme throughout the next 265 days.
  • Stresslessness – Corrie has been really focusing on stress management and mitigation following her “kidneys ain’t playin’ no mo” stint in the emergency room caused by an overly stressed immune system. She’s carrying her 2022 word into 2023 as she continues to break up with cortisol.
  • Slow – Heather, mid-magnesium-glycinate-pill-poppin’, had the epiphany that life in the slow lane (and not at the county courthouse fighting speeding tickets) was the move for 2023. Focusing on doing things, well – slowly. The quote, “If you don’t have time to do it once, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it again?” ringing in her eardrums as she picked supplements off the floor.
  • Joy – Gams (she was on the podcast once talkin’ about cherries and bowls) chose “joy” as her word. In her mind, joy = strength, and the more joy she can find in things, the stronger her faith will be this year (also she wanted to worry less and appreciate more).

📗Do I have to make a to-do list with my word?

No – it’s your word. You can get it as a tramp stamp tattoo, make a to-do list (which may include tattoo-gettin’ – we’re not judging), think of the word during mindfulness practice, or make a to-do list about ways you plan to implement your word throughout your life and work.

The goal of the Word of Your Year is to let it be your “return to center” word where you refocus on your yearly theme. So for me, “slow” will mean I schedule fewer tasks each day, I spend more time on walks and less time working, and maybe I’ll trade in my lead feet for Ugg boots (the jury’s still out on that).

📘 Okay – I have a few words chosen – can I have more than one?

I’d challenge you to pair it down to just one – just like “new year’s resolutions,” when too many tasks clog up our goals list, we tend to get worn out. Focusing on the biggest word will make your decision pathway much clearer. Per Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog mentality, which word would have the biggest impact on you right now? It’s likely that whatever word you thought of first will likely be the front-runner for your Word of the Year.

📙 Okay! I’ve got my word. Can I tell you what it is?

Yes! I’d love to know what your Word is! Comment on Facebook (I’ll post this on the SCM Facebook Page and in the SCM Group (check the pinned post). I’d love to know your word and the reasoning behind choosing it! Heck – you might even inspire someone else’s Word of the Year.

Listen, it’s easy to get lost in the forest starin’ at the trees only to look up and realize we’ve made it to Christmas 2023 wonderin’ where the heck the year want. Use your Word of the Year to ground yourself. Focus on applying that word to your business, your relationships, your focus, your goals, and your future plans. Being intentional with your word of the year may result in a more fantastic year than you ever imagined.